“The Board have asked me to write and express our appreciation on behalf of the staff and, more importantly, the members of North London Credit Union, for your time and efforts in assisting us with this year’s Audit, enabling us to hold our AGM as planned, with signed-off Annual Accounts.”

“The AGM went well and the Accounts were approved by the membership unanimously, so a good result all round, thank you!”

Yours sincerely,

Rev Dr Gordon Giles, Chairman North London Credit Union Limited

“Now that our 2017 audit has been completed I am writing to express my thanks for the way that James Duke has carried this out once more. We were able to get all the required documentation to him in good time this year which has helped, but even in past years when we haven’t been so organised he has still managed to get the audit completed in time to meet our deadlines.”

Bernard Lovewell, Treasurer, Black Squirrel Credit Union

“Goldcrest has engaged with Lindley Adams for many years. They provide a great service to our company for payroll management, accountancy (management and annual accounts) as well advice on corporation tax, legislative changes and financial business control. They clearly demonstrate that they care about their customers and we would recommend them to any business looking for accountancy and payroll support”

Julie Smalley, Office Manager, Goldcrest

‘All the team at Lindley Adams are efficient, friendly and approachable. Since we appointed them they have saved our business a considerable amount of money.’

Katie Bleach, Director, Good Thought Marketing Ltd

‘I have had fantastic support and invaluable advice from Lindley Adams, specifically Julie-Ann Pearson, guiding me through setting up my own business and successfully managing my tax affairs. I rely on her rational, creative and knowledgeable approach and wouldn’t want to be in business without her! Thank you!”

Rebecca Papworth, CanCan Productions Ltd

“It is always sad to end an association which has been one of the cornerstones of BCC’s success. I was looking back through old records and I found that we first started working together in the summer of 1999 – so our association spans two centuries! It is fair to say that my business has been a major part of my life, and that your firm’s advice has helped hugely in making the business so successful.

My thanks go to you and to everyone in the team I have been associated with and especially to David who has not only been an excellent accountant but also on occasion a source of wisdom in times of need.

Thanks once again for all your help and I hope Lindley Adams continues to thrive.”

Chris Bleach, (former) Managing Director, Bleach Communications Consulting